RV CARE Professional Rubber & Vinyl Multi-Purpose Roof Protector With NANO UV 7100 (32ounces)

Product Description
Rubber Roofs, Rubber Seals, Tires, Plastic, and Vinyl. Rubber & Vinyl from RV CARE is a water-based polymer protectant formula fortified with silicone and NANO UV to treat rubber roofs, vinyl and plastics, interior and exterior use. Ideal for rubber roofs, tires, door and window frames, bumpers and moldings. Also for rubber mats, dashboards, vinyl seats and more. Makes Rubber mats, dashboards and vinyl look brand new. Prevents rubber and vinyl from drying and cracking, minimizing maintenance and provides additional protection that can help extend the life of rubber and roof membranes. Forms a chemical barrier that seals out dirt and resists any detergent for a period of 30 days or more after a curing period of 24 hours. Satin finish when applied on a damp surface. Shiny finish when applied on a dry surface.
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