RV CARE Professional Citrus Cleaner Multi-Purpose Biodegradable Cleaner and Degreaser 7230 (32 ounces)

Product Description
  • Highly concentrated formula with natural orange solvent
  • Biodegradable with environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Removes black streaks and bug stains
  • Formulated to lift up carbonized and caramelized oil stains as well as grease, salt and most type of stains
  • Leaves a citrus scent


Industrial Strength Cleans Black Streaks, Bugs, Rubber Roofs RV CARE CITRUS CLEANER is a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser for various applications, based on highly efficient detergents and natural orange solvent that are biodegradable. Highly concentrated formula to be used as is for the most demanding jobs or diluted for regular maintenance and clean up. Especially recommended to clean black streaks, bug stains & rubber roofs. Formulated to lift up carbonized and caramelized oils and stains, as well as grease, bug droppings, salt and most type of stains. Excellent rim wheels and tire cleaner. It can be used to clean and degrease household and interior RV surfaces, such as bathroom, basement and garage; anywhere stubborn domestic stains are present. Ideal for cleaning RV roofs, garage floors and walls.

$ 16.55 $ 18.95