Auto-Chem Professional CLEAR Glass Cleaner-Concentrated-Streak Free-Window and Surface Cleaner

Product Description

Auto-Chem and Aqua-Pro Professional Grade formulas are designed for ease of use and to be environmentally friendly for Consumers and the Trade. The Products are not watered down like the popular consumer brands, which means longer lasting, maximum protection and superior shine for your vehicle or watercraft. If you care about your car, boat, or recreational vehicle please try Auto-Chem or Aqua-Pro Professional Products. The Glass Cleaner is a ready to use product, but can be diluted for lighter cleaning jobs and around the home. Powerful, fast acting formula removes traces of insects, smokers film and residue. It penetrates the dirt film to provide windows with perfect transparency without leaving traces of dirt streaks and marks. This powerful formulation penetrates the mist within the car's glass effectively. The chemical lubricants release dirt with ease for a fast and professional cleaning. Excellent for removing film left behind form vinyl on new car windows. INSTRUCTIONS: Spray product on glass and let stand for a few seconds letting it work on dissolving the dirt, before wiping it clean with a dry and absorbent cloth, making sure to turn it frequently to avoid leaving marks behind. To guarantee a streak free finish, spray a mist of water to the window and wipe it with a dedicated window wipe or clean micro- fiber cloth.

$ 20.25 $ 50.99

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