General Care Questions:

Q. How do I remove water spots?
A. Water spots can be removed using a microfiber towel or chamois while drying.  ECO Wash waterless wash and wax is a product that can be used without water and removes swirl marks as well.

Q. How do I restore dull black trim?
A.  Trim care is a product we use to clean and enhance the new look of black rubber and vinyl bumpers and running boards.  This product brings black trim back to new condition.

Q. How can I remove small scratches?
A.  Swirl marks can be removed with fresh wax or  products like Showroom 3-1 or Scratch Remover, depending on the severity. 

Q. What should I use to clean my wheels?
A.  Hi-Performance- Clear Coated Wheel and Mag Cleaner is an excellent product and easy to use for wheels. HD-Clean All, a universal degreaser and cleaner is a concentrated liquid secially designed for wheels, rims and engines.

Q.  What are the best products for Marine and Watersports equipment?
A. The Aqua-Pro line of Marine Care Products has all the formulas needed to keep your boat in ship shape. The Aqua-Professional COMPLETE BOAT CARE KIT has everything you need to Wash, Maintain and protect your Boat and Watersports Equipment.

Q.  How can I wax my car?
A.  You can use a waterless wash and wax, spray quick cold wax or a liquid wax.  Showroom 3-1 and Eco-Wash are two waterless products that are easy to use with two microfiber towels.  Cold Wax can be applied the same way.  Liquid wax such as Poly Max or Crystal Seal is applied by hand or with Orbital polishers for a Professional Detail finish.  Check out the video on the webs tore for instructions on Waterless Wash and Waxes.
About our Products and Policies:

Q.Where are Auto-Chem Direct’s products manufactured? 
A. Auto-Chem Direct's products are produced in the US and in Canada.

Q. Do you have any green poducts?
A. Auto-Chem Direct offers a few different that create an ecological solution to caring for your vehicles. Eco-Wash, a waterless wash and wax, and Green Stuff multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser are two superior cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. Aqua Fab I, an Aqua Pro product, is a biodegradable vinyl and fabric cleaner that works great while also having a minimal impact on the environment.

Q. Do you offer professional grade products? 
A. Auto-Chem Direct offers a full line of Professional Detailers and Body Shop Products and Equipment. Please refer to the Professional Detailer/Body Shop page for more information. 

Q. Can I order specialized products? 
A. Please call Auto-Chem Direct at 888-400-0842 for pricing on products not shown for Retail consumption or for larger quantities. 

Q. How are items shipped?
A. When payment has been received, we'll ship your order within 24-48 hours (except weekends and holidays).   We ship most packages using USPS Priority Mail. The shipment usually takes 3-7 business days (Saturday and Sunday excluded).   International shipping and local pick-ups are not available at this time.   Please feel free to contact us regarding any shipping questions you may have. 

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact Auto-Chem Direct via email or by phone. We are happy to help!