How to write a synthesis essay

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Despite the huge number of different types of essays, one of the most popular is an argumentative essay.

Its popularity is caused by its concept – the task is not only to tell about the object or problem, but to convince an audience in one or another position.

In order to write really good work, the author must study the chosen topic well, study and understand different positions on the chosen topic in order to form his or her own position, learn statistics, facts and opinions of experts in this field.

So, How to write a synthesis essay?

First of all – the choice of the right topic.

The word ‘’right’ means that  you are guided in and sincerely interested in the chosen topic. Even if you hire a professional writer, paper writer will look flimsy during your report. Disinterest and insincerity are very noticeable, so do not neglect this important element.

The  next important element is the structure.

In the first part, you should familiarize the audience with the problem or subject of the essay, tell about its relevance and importance.

Next – the main part, which  usually consists of two paragraphs: in the first paragraph, the author usually explains his or her position, after which a number of arguments is presented with  support of evidence.

The second  paragraph can contain more explanation and interpretation of arguments. And this part is better served with a drop of humor – it will ease the perception and defuse strained  atmosphere in the audience.

The last part is a conclusion. However, it  also has certain structure : first, the author retells the main thesis of his or her  essay, then  repeats the arguments to convince the public to his or her side and complete the report.