Auto-Chem Professional (607-008) - ALU BUFF -Aluminum, Chrome and Mag Wheel Polish and Protectant- 236ml

Product Description

Auto-Chem and Aqua-Pro Professional Grade formulas are designed for ease of use and to be environmentally friendly for Consumers and the Trade. The Products are not watered down like the popular consumer brands, which means longer lasting, maximum protection and superior shine for your vehicle or watercraft. If you care about your car, boat, or recreational vehicle please try Auto-Chem or Aqua-Pro Professional Products. ALU BUFF has been developed with the latest technology in metal polishing, using micro abrasives for polishing without abrasion marks. It is a liquid formula that provides ease of application and rapid polishing luster, giving extreme shine. The addition of a polymer sealant acts as a protector.

  • #1 Professional Detailers Choice for Cleaning Polishing and Protecting, Aluminum Chrome and Mag Wheels
  • Secret Formula Developed to Polish without Abasion Marks
  • Produces a Brilliant Shine and Gentle Enough to use on a Regualr Basis
  • Fights Salt, Grease and Road Dust
  • Removes Rust, Brake Iron and Metal Contaminants
$ 14.95

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