Auto-Chem Professional (655-008) SCRATCH OFF - Scratch Remover and Headlight Lens Restorer

Product Description

Auto-Chem and Aqua-Pro Professional Grade formulas are designed for ease of use and to be environmentally friendly for Consumers and the Trade. The Products are not watered down like the popular consumer brands, which means longer lasting, maximum protection and superior shine for your vehicle or watercraft. If you care about your car, boat, or recreational vehicle please try Auto-Chem or Aqua-Pro Professional Products. Auto-Chem Professional Scratch Off- Scratch Remover and Headlight Lens Restorer is the product the professional detailer and body shops use. It is a unique cream formula based on Micro Crystalline. The Scratch Remover is engineered to erase and polish scratches and marks on all types of paint, chrome, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass and clear coat surfaces. It is safe on clear-coated surfaces. It removes friction and swirl marks and traces of rust and restores headlight cover degradation, yellowing, oxidation and surface scratches.

  • Eliminates Scratches on Paint, Chrome, Aluminum, Plastic, Fiberglass and Clear Coated Surfaces
  • Unique Cream Polish based on Micro Crystalline Formula and is Designed for Ease of Use
  • Removes Friction Marks and Traces of Rust and is Safe on all Clear Coated Surfaces
  • Corrects Headlight Lens Degradation, Yellowing, Oxidation, Surface Scratches and Restores Nighttime Visibility
  • The #1 Choice of Detailers and Body Shop Professionals
$ 9.95 $ 12.99