Auto-Chem Professional (4026) CLAY MITT-Detailing Clay Bar Mitt

Product Description

Auto-Chem and Aqua-Pro Professional Grade formulas are designed for ease of use and to be environmentally friendly for Consumers and the Trade. The Products are not watered down like the popular consumer brands, which means longer lasting, maximum protection and superior shine for your vehicle or watercraft. If you care about your car, boat, or recreational vehicle please try Auto-Chem or Aqua-Pro Professional Products. This is the revolutionary new way to Clay Bar your cars surface. Quick, Easy and Economical. Use with Auto-Chem Showroom 3 in 1 (604-016) Wash Polish and Wax or Auto-Chem Wash and Shine (840-032)for a New Car Look.

  • Removes above Surface Contaminants Prior to Waxing
  • Up to 100 uses compared to Clay Bars 10-20 uses, Great to Use on Hard to Reach Windows, Inside and Out
  • Works to Remove Bug, Tar, Tree Sap, Overspray, Fall-Out, Brake Dust Rust and Old Car Wax
  • Fast and Economical, Use with Auto-Chem Showroom 3 in 1 (604-016) as a Wash Wax Alternative or Wash and Shine (840-032) as a Lubricant
  • Safe on Painted Surfaces and Smooths out the Painted Surface Prior to Cleaning and Waxing
$ 34.95 $ 49.99

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