Apa cite a dissertation

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When paper writer are in a hurry and you have to write the text urgently, your best friends are short and expressive.

It was these two allies the author called for to help you. And 14 lessons on the techniques of good writing will help to awaken the writer. Tell stories with the voice of an eyewitness, a witness of certain events, to present which is interesting and colorful – your task.

It is comforting that each of us can and should share his unique experience. And for this you do not need to be a hero-cosmonaut, traveler, rich man or witness of a crime. The stories of ordinary people are also interesting. Tell something new, refute the old, start with the main thing – and you will be interested in who is addressed to your appeal.

If you want to start your story, the author advises you to formulate what you will write about in two sentences. If you know exactly what you want to say, this message will help you to lead the narration within the chosen genre, without spreading the thought of the tree and not getting lost on unnecessary trivialities in the course of the matter. It is this short wording that cuts off all that is superfluous.

If in the process of writing an essay, story or novel you need an expert, you must be able to reach it. The author divides the experts into evil ones – here one needs to achieve reciprocity in a delicate way, but firmly, pressing on “what if not you, then who”. It is important to remember that you are not at all obliged to give an expert to read your work before publication. Still there are good experts. The author advises to filter the information and do not become someone else’s mouthpiece, so that you do not promote the expert’s point of view.

There was a lack of wording that the plan could be c paragraphs or chapters. So that’s why, applying the same approach to planning, I sometimes hung up and did it with difficulty.